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Wighton Village, Norfolk



Updated: 29-Oct-2015

Group / Title

Email Address

Parish Council:

Clerk to the Parish Council: Mrs Barbara Clark


01328 820678

All Saints Church:

Church Wardens:

Methodist Chapel:


Village Hall:

Bookings / Information: Mrs Julie Piggott


01328 820504

Playing / Recreation Field:


Wighton Clubs:

Carpet Bowls:

Quiz Nights:

Pantomime Group:


Fundraising Committee:

Chairman: Mr George Brett-Reynolds

Secretary: Mrs Sophie Trend

Press: Mrs Susan Polson


01328 820511

01328 820183

01328 820743

Scarecrow Festival:


As for Fundraising Committee


Website Manager:

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07799 808128



Some of our contacts in their youth!
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